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    I recommend Aaron without reservation to anyone wanting a unique place to exercise and a knowledgable instructor/coach.
    Backstory: I was visiting from out of town and found Aaron & Powerlifting In The Park and was able to schedule a time with less than 24 hours notice. At first I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't be able to do any of the big 3 lifts (squat, bench or deadlift) given that it is a park, but Aaron brings his own equipment: barbell, plates, mats, squat rack. After a brief warmup, we followed my hometown training program and Aaron gave some insightful tips on slight technique changes.
    Aaron provided feedback both on the current bench exercises and offered to review and point out slight changes to the squat.
    Give it a try, see what can happen with good coach and great view atmosphere. Bring a small jacket or wear long sleeves if you're not use to the chilly early AM weather.

  • *****

    Aaron helped me make a pivotal change in my body and add energy to my life. His passion for what he does comes through in his vast knowledge and how keenly observant he is during your training. Not only in the movements you do, but also when and how much you should add weight to make the gains you want. I recommend training with Aaron because he is well educated, friendly and has a professional energy that makes working out fun.

  • *****

    Aaron is exceptional. I've been through 5+ years of strength training throughout collegiate athletics and other things, and he's one of the best I've encountered. His attention to detail on lifting form is unparalleled. I learned a lot from him in my first session. He is well educated and was the manager of a Crossfit gym in Oakland for a number of years.

    He is just a great guy overall. Very motivational, but not too motivational to where he's annoying. You can tell he genuinely loves training and meeting new people. Asked a lot of questions, wanted to get to know my life story. This is very different than the typical trainer who looks at you as added cash flow.

    If you are looking for a personal trainer I'm not sure there is a better deal in the city. If you're looking to pay Crossfit level prices, I would much rather do sessions with Aaron. I wish him the best in the future!

  • *****

    Aaron is the best lifting coaching have ever had!! I've been working out my whole life, and he has been the most knowledgable by far. Aaron is very meticulous, but can explain and help you correct your form in a very supportive and positive way. I've never felt scolded (as with other trainers) and really look forward to my workouts

    I enjoy working out in the park, fresh air does a body good!!

  • *****

    The best strength training in San Francisco! I used to exercise; now I train. Now that I know the difference, I've improved some really poor movement patterns, which has made me stronger, and in less pain. Once I committed to training 3 days per week, I really started to see improvements. Thank you, Aaron!

  • *****

    Aaron is great! Lots of attention to detail and customized coaching, plus an amazing deal for what you get. Working out outside is refreshing and I even get to bring my dog.

  • *****

    Aaron is an excellent coach who provides clear and technical feedback with a tremendous positive attitude. He's able to meet any student at their level of understanding and can discuss both the physical principles and musculo-skeletal bases that enable safe and fun weightlifting. I've taken his classes for months now and feel safer and stronger than before. I would recommend him to any of my friends.

  • *****

    So many cool aspects that cater so directly to the client: no appointment scheduling required, outdoors for vitamin D and awesome weather, workouts that improved my technique and strength. And I've noticeably lost 8 lbs fat weight and gained 5 lbs of muscle in a little over a month, because I'm eating and sleeping better too.

    The best part is that Aaron gives one-on-one attention. Basically a personal training session. And at $20 a session, it's an amazing deal. Truth be told, this is probably one of the few bargains left in the city. 5 stars all day for PITP!

  • *****

    Coach Aaron does a great job breaking down movements and tailoring programming to all levels of skill. I have many years of training under my belt, and am a movement specialist myself. Yet, he finds ways to continue to push and improve your technique to develop better efficiency and resultant strength.

    The atmosphere at Lafayette Park is pretty hard to beat. Seriously a one of a kind epic experience. I'm very thankful it's so close to where I live.

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